OYSABBNY + VLA are playing at Hausman tomorrow and it’s free entrance! So what’s great about Vanilla (VLA)?!

https://open.spotify.com/track/2WPg9MWiUfHUGAYAtSGR7k?si=saj42NcZQO-mE6Tr5Y0wDw Back in 2016 we played a show in Herttoniemi Block Party and noticed a very energetic band also playing. Vanilla (or VLA) is a Finnish electro pop duo which was founded in 2014. They make their catchy songs from subjects like men, partying and friends, and I've got to say I totally adore their …

Atreyu – Blow [Almost Acoustic Cover]

Here's our second cover video. Enjoy! Remember to like this post, share it with your friends and BLOGGERS follow, so I can follow you guys back! Also my friends in Facebook, press the Facebook's "Like"-button! I love this song! -Mari

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