Amazing Fruit Art [Wednesday Inspirations]

One thing that has inspired me a lot lately is fruit art. It makes me really happy that people turn something so ordinary into beautiful, beautiful art. I’m privileged to know lots of people who are into these art forms, and so my facebook page fills up of these photos almost every other day. We all remember the time when our lunch oranges accidentally ended up having some poorly scribbled faces and that it was so funny to draw things into banana’s shell, that when you were finished, you didn’t want to peel it anymore.

These works are made by the real fruit artist of Villafane Studios, who I totally adore. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

(I swear to God if I’d ever try to even sculpture a banana out of banana, I’d propably throw it out of a window within seconds…)

Villafane Studios

Villafane Studios

Villafane Studios

The Artist himself / Villafane Studios

Fruit Art


More interesting stuff at


So do you also think these guys rock?



Skin Care Tips [Wednesday Inspirations]

I’ve had tons of problems with my skin during these years. I’ve noticed that my stress shows instantly on my face as well as the air pollutions. I have the atopic skin type which makes my outmost skin layer very dry, but the problem is that by moisturizing it the lower skin starts to develop more spots.

You can see where I'm going with this...

You can see where I’m going with this…

I’ve had many long talks with skin care professionals and doctors, but there hasn’t been anything helpful for me yet. They always tell me how I need to either peel it more, moisturize it more, moisturize it less, use acne products, not to use acne products, not to use any kind of skin care stuff, use magic soap, not to ever use any kind of soap, use oils, not to use oils, use hemp or tea tree or sea weed or whatever lotions… I’ve tried two types of acne medication and all kinds of other pharmacy products. I find it frustrating that they always tell me that ”this thing works for sure” and after using them my skin gets even worse. Most of the products first dry the spots away and for a few days my skin really looks better, but suddenly the dryness starts to bring more of those pimples that without an exception are much more sore and harder to break down. So the only thing that really helps is the water and being concious about what to eat and when.

Without being totally aware of what to eat and drink I’d actually have a very bad acne. So I keep eating healthy and only foods without preservatives, drink a huge amount of water everyday and use make-up that doesn’t cover my skin with bad ingredients. For years I’ve already had an ”okay looking” skin but it definitely takes alot of work. Alot of people seem surprised if I tell them I suffer from acne, because normally it really shows on people’s faces. My skin’s condition is the end result of a very thoughtful skin care, but it doesn’t leave any space for living unthoughful life.

Mix these to make a smoohie!

Mix these to make a smoohie!

People who haven’t had any kind of acne usually think it’s not much of a big deal and that always makes me feel bad. That certainly is one of the hardest things to go through for a young woman like myself. They think that people who suffer from acne must not take any care of their skin what so ever. To be honest it would be cool sometimes just to look in the mirror and see my skin totally free of those annoying spots. But of course while getting older I’ve found it easier to live with my skin, since there are so many other things to worry about it this world.

So today, since it’s the time for my Wednesday Inspirations, I thought I’m gonna give a shot for another skin care tip I haven’t ever tried out before. I will keep you guys updated of how it worked.

It is natural, easy to manufacture, cheap and for sure doesn’t consist any preservatives. People have said it works as a good clarifying toner and I totally like the idea of making a skin care product by myself.

Lets hope it works!

Lets hope it works!

You need:

-1 lemon’s juice

-same amount of boiled water

-1 glass bottle

First you boil the water and wait until the water is steady again. Then squeeze the juice out of the lemon and mix them together. Pour it to a glass bottle and use as a skin tonic. This should stay good for a week as stored in room temperature.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I am aware that the lemon is something that can really dry the skin, so I’m also going to test my new moisturizing product, the coconut oil. The coconut oil can also be used for any type of cooking as well as for hair care.

Someone else want to try these out? Let me know how it worked for you!


Stay beautiful,


Fashion Goddess [Wednesday Inspirations]

ann demeulemeester

To me one of the most sensational fashion designers has to be Ann Demeulemeester. She was born in Belgium in 1959 and became an important part of an avant-garde movement called Antwerp-Six, a group of young Belgian designers who left to London to showcase their collections. Their clothing lines captured many styles the fashion world in those days wasn’t yet familiar with. Only a year after she graduated Ann also got the Gouden Spoel award which is given to the most promising young fashion designer of the year.
Her first collection was shown in one of the art galleries in Paris and her newest collections are still mainly showcased at the Paris Fashion Week every year.


ann_1988-1989ann_1989-1990(Loved the atmosphere of these photos!)

I find Ann’s work very interesting in many ways. First of all she never copies herself again. She’s a hard-working woman in a world where it isn’t always so easy to renew yourself. She lives and breathes designing. The way she mixtures the materials and makes the details is just outstanding. Ann Demeulemeester has said that she doesn’t design for men and women, she designs for people. Now try to keep breathing while watching her amazing work throughout these years.



















She has set the standards and she’s still on the top. Keep on rockin’ girl!

Have an inspirational Wednesday,


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