The One and Only – Madcraft

Some of you might know, that my fiance plays in a pop punk band called Madcraft. So as they are going through some very big things at the moment I thought it would be a great time to open up this subject just a little bit more.

I got to know Juho when I went to see my friend’s band to Liberté, Helsinki, roughly about 2,5 years ago. I had to wait until my friend would have collected his musical items, so I ended up watching Madcraft’s show too. I had made a promise to myself that I would never fall to anybody again. Such a stupid thing to pop out at this point, don’t you think? Anyway, as I sat there and looked to the stage I saw the person, who I would eventually fall head over heels in… But lets talk about that sometime later.

© Madcraft

© Madcraft

The band, huh. I came from a totally different musical scene, metal, goth, dark electro and such, I had never seen anybody be so HAPPY ON STAGE! They jumped around in the most silliest ways, ran to the audience while spinning their wireless guitar equipments and most of all, seemed to be the tightest group of best friends, who just randomly ended up as a band. And I’ve got to admit, the first 10 minutes I thought they must be joking! But soon I came to the conclusion that this really has something special going on.

This is my favorite song. (Their channel is filled with other music videos too!)

And it doesn’t end to the music. They keep finding new ways to create themselves. They are marketing pro’s, video makers, graphic designers, producers and of course great songwriters. Or as Juho would put it “an advertising agency that plays gigs”. It’s a great fun to watch them growing.

But of course they’re not there alone. The whole Madcraft thing is about making people happy and so they have tons of listeners around the world, who they respect deeply.

© Team Madcraft

© Team Madcraft

They play alot of gigs and keep themselves busy with all kinds of productions, such as funny video blogs and drum covers by their highly talented drummer, Otto.

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Right now they’re participating in the UMK 14. The winner is going to be the one, who represents Finland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This clip is from the semifinals. (viewable in all countries)

Madcraft: Shining Bright (Live 18.01.2014 from Peacock, Helsinki)

I think it’s good to spice it up a little! The voting started already, and it’ll continue until 10:3pm (Finnish time) today. You can also vote from other countries too!

Voting for Madcraft

Voting for Madcraft

Finnish people, just text 1 to 17224 and you’re done! :)

I’m heading to the Peacock theater shortly after this, ’cause we’ll know the result in 4 hours!

with all my love,



Back In The Business


Oh how good it feels to be back posting! I’ve been going through so many changes in my life it’s almost scary!

Autumn campaign

I’m gonna start by telling you about my new job. I know I’ve already opened this subject in some earlier posts,  but mostly about my training and such.

So I wanted to have something that you call a day job, right. Since I was doing some styling to there, some graphics to there, hosting to there for years, got me to a situation where I wasn’t really happy. It’s a funny thing, how you’re doing the things you love, fully, with your whole heart, but still you feel you’re not satisfied. Finland is a tiny little country with only a handful of people needing these type of workers, that I noticed I would have had to either start doing something totally opposite to my style of art or start to really market myself to other countries or so. And I didn’t like either of them. I need so much time for my own personal enjoyment in life, that having to use my 24/7 for new projects is just not an option. And after all, I know, that if I would have kept doing that for ages, I’d still most likely feel unhappy. For me the art kind of loses it’s purpose when it’s considered as a job. This is really hard to explain – hopefully someone caught the idea.

Workin process

I applied to the coolest clothing company I knew and got employed as a visual merchandiser! To be honest with you I couldn’t believe I got so privileged. Certainly I had experience in styling and visuals, but the store outlooks were totally new thing to me. And it turned out to be the best job in the world. As I did before, I make my own work days and decide when I do things – and also that there’s deadlines to follow. But everyday I work with different styles, different campaigns, changing tools and trends. I’ve faced challenges which makes my work interesting – which I’ve really missed. I appreciate the fact that I’m allowed to be exactly who I am and style the store in the way I think looks good.

Party wall

Jeans wall

This is it this time. I’m grateful for having you all still here.




Skin Care Tips [Wednesday Inspirations]

I’ve had tons of problems with my skin during these years. I’ve noticed that my stress shows instantly on my face as well as the air pollutions. I have the atopic skin type which makes my outmost skin layer very dry, but the problem is that by moisturizing it the lower skin starts to develop more spots.

You can see where I'm going with this...

You can see where I’m going with this…

I’ve had many long talks with skin care professionals and doctors, but there hasn’t been anything helpful for me yet. They always tell me how I need to either peel it more, moisturize it more, moisturize it less, use acne products, not to use acne products, not to use any kind of skin care stuff, use magic soap, not to ever use any kind of soap, use oils, not to use oils, use hemp or tea tree or sea weed or whatever lotions… I’ve tried two types of acne medication and all kinds of other pharmacy products. I find it frustrating that they always tell me that ”this thing works for sure” and after using them my skin gets even worse. Most of the products first dry the spots away and for a few days my skin really looks better, but suddenly the dryness starts to bring more of those pimples that without an exception are much more sore and harder to break down. So the only thing that really helps is the water and being concious about what to eat and when.

Without being totally aware of what to eat and drink I’d actually have a very bad acne. So I keep eating healthy and only foods without preservatives, drink a huge amount of water everyday and use make-up that doesn’t cover my skin with bad ingredients. For years I’ve already had an ”okay looking” skin but it definitely takes alot of work. Alot of people seem surprised if I tell them I suffer from acne, because normally it really shows on people’s faces. My skin’s condition is the end result of a very thoughtful skin care, but it doesn’t leave any space for living unthoughful life.

Mix these to make a smoohie!

Mix these to make a smoohie!

People who haven’t had any kind of acne usually think it’s not much of a big deal and that always makes me feel bad. That certainly is one of the hardest things to go through for a young woman like myself. They think that people who suffer from acne must not take any care of their skin what so ever. To be honest it would be cool sometimes just to look in the mirror and see my skin totally free of those annoying spots. But of course while getting older I’ve found it easier to live with my skin, since there are so many other things to worry about it this world.

So today, since it’s the time for my Wednesday Inspirations, I thought I’m gonna give a shot for another skin care tip I haven’t ever tried out before. I will keep you guys updated of how it worked.

It is natural, easy to manufacture, cheap and for sure doesn’t consist any preservatives. People have said it works as a good clarifying toner and I totally like the idea of making a skin care product by myself.

Lets hope it works!

Lets hope it works!

You need:

-1 lemon’s juice

-same amount of boiled water

-1 glass bottle

First you boil the water and wait until the water is steady again. Then squeeze the juice out of the lemon and mix them together. Pour it to a glass bottle and use as a skin tonic. This should stay good for a week as stored in room temperature.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I am aware that the lemon is something that can really dry the skin, so I’m also going to test my new moisturizing product, the coconut oil. The coconut oil can also be used for any type of cooking as well as for hair care.

Someone else want to try these out? Let me know how it worked for you!


Stay beautiful,


Madcraft going to the UK [Friday! Catch Up]

My boyfriend and his band are playing some shows in the UK this weekend, so yesterday I went to the airport to say bye byes and take some photos.

I miss him.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

This is their drummer trying to make some serious decisions.

Also the singer, Tom, seems to have some problems…

At this point I was sure that the plane crashes down, so Juho tried to calm me down before they had to go.

An important piece of art.

I wonder if the UK’s ready…


Check out their latest music video if you want!

It’s actually pretty hard to be without him, ’cause normally we do everything together. It’s like half of me got just ripped off.

Oh well.


Enjoy your Friday!



My Own Facebook Page!

Oh what a day. I just put up a facebook page for this blog and it’s rolling smoothly. I must say I’m forever grateful for my friends wanting to keep themselves updated what’s happening in here. It’s once again a huge privilege to know so many supportive and awesome individuals as you are. To anyone who wants to take part, you can find the Facebook Like-link just below my Gravatar-picture on the right. : )

Tomorrow we’re going to record a new cover song video so make sure you won’t miss it! It’s going to be a total opposite to the Avril Lavigne song we played last time. I’m full of excitement because of this particular song, since it shows you a style you won’t hear a girl sing too often. Girls can also be rough, can’t they? ; ) It will be published either on this Sunday or Monday.

Tomorrow I’m also going to meet my producer from the MoonTv where I’ve been hosting internet tv shows a bit over two years now. We’re starting to put up a totally new show and that’s also something to be excited about! I’ll keep you guys updated.

Today I’ve been also dreaming about my next christmas calendar. There’s so many of them, how can a person deside which on is the right one! Last christmas I had two and both of them I kinda killed with our oven. Yep, I had them both laying on our stove. The next thing I know is that I have a lot of melted chocolate all over it. The oven’s warmth made them melt… Not gonna do that mistake again, haha. Here’s a photo of the other one. (And yes I ate all of the chocolate immediately)


Btw talking about winter, here’s an amazing photo Juho took from our balcony last year. I love that view. :)


Can’t wait to get back to you with all the new stuff!

Love ya,