Before I Die [Just Thinking Tuesday]

Before I die I want to

Have A Pet Pig

Look at the stars

learn to cook


direct a film

paint war

save a life

be his bride

be an inspiration

Indoor pool

create a popular blog

go to california


meet lady gaga

get a pedicure


grow old with someone i love

route 66

:) That was one happy post!

Enjoy your Tuesday & make some dreams come true!




About Following Trends [Just Thinking Tuesday]

I was a sales person in one of the biggest clothing companies and it totally made me think about the human mind. Especially about those adults who would come to me just to make sure that the dress they’re going to buy is a trendy one. I would have loved to tell them how it just doesn’t matter as long as they liked the piece. But the thing is, people seem to need some kind of approval from others.


I’ve always been somebody who doesn’t think it’s much of a big deal if my trousers are from the last year’s season. Nor that they would even have to look like trousers at the first place. It doesn’t matter. If I really would like to impress somebody, I would pick the pieces people haven’t seen yet, and those are not the clothes you would see on the newest collections of some big selling companies. I think that copying your style from the opening page of Cosmopolitan doesn’t make you much of a trendy person. It actually makes you look like you don’t have any knowledge of style what so ever and that you just follow the rules somebody made ready for your kind of people.

A group of people basically decides what’s in and what’s not. Because of them the ”Moonboots” were suddenly fabulous and the stores accidentally stopped selling boot cut jeans.  Suddenly the youngsters stopped wearing trousers at all, because tights were just about enough. Who saw that one coming? I didn’t.

Not that we wouldn’t need any rules or guidelines. It’s good that in the winter I can buy a new jacket which doesn’t look exactly the same as the one I wore last year. My problem is that there are so many others who also wear the same kind of jacket because somebody somewhere happened to decide that it’s this year’s trend. I have to buy it because it’s the only warm one there is. And kind of likeable.

And it’s funny, that it doesn’t even seem to matter if those clothes don’t fit to a person’s body type. It’s not so nice to stand next to a big girl who squeezed herself to the smallest dress size and now she’s letting everybody see what type of underwear she’s wearing. All because ”my skirt cannot be longer than this, cause it would be outdated. And no, you’re not supposed to wear tights this summer…”

Of course I won’t tell that to her. And in other kind of clothes she would be stunning. Now she’s definitely looking for a trouble if she plans to walk home alone.

oh yes shes a bitch but not yours

I’m gonna continue with this same subject later on. Comment below if you wanna share your thoughts!




(Photos by Juho Rinne)

It’s funny because it’s true! THE HIPSTERS!!

Why do all the hipsters look exactly the same? When did hating mainstream suddenly become so frikkin MAINSTREAM?

It’s not just the hipsters, but all the people who think they’re totally unique in their styles. I saw a girl in a subway today. I looked at her shoes, kinda cute, much like the ones we used as a child. Yellow wellingtons. Then I realized she’s wearing eyeglasses. With those thick black spectacle headbands. And that red stocking cap. And some insanely ugly backbag that’s so uncool that it must be cool. With FRIKKING RUTABAGAS on it! You buy the glasses when you can’t see right, RIGHT? No, nowadays the ones that actually can’t see wear contact lenses, because the hipsters took the glasses away from them. And nowadays the ones that have a huge nose or something, well they have to shave their cover mustache away, because it all belongs to hipsters now! HOW UNFAIR!


So it’s uncool to like music that somebody have already heard of. Isn’t it funny how there’s still a lot of people watching the shows…

Well let’s go to the band names. I’ve never understood the reason why the band’s name must be filled with so many different words that it must be shortened? (Yes, you heard this from a woman behind the name ohyesshesabitchbutnotyours. Don’t shorten it. Don’t remember it. Follow.) While talking to your friends about bands all of the other people think that you’re mentally distorted, ’cause all you can say is ”DYTB67AI”, which by the way takes forever ’cause you can’t even remember all of the letters by yourself. Yep, this is your favorite band. And please don’t say it too loud ’cause it becomes uncool if a lot of people like it.

Okay so you pronounced the words right and one of your friends understood what you said. The name is something like ”My Cinderellas Who Never Turned To Real Beans”. Or “Those rainbow! Satellites Who Don’t Bake Hats”. Actually making a hipster band name is so easy, ’cause everything goes. Basically it’s just who makes the most ridiculous set of words that makes the least sense. Take an irrelevant word, decide a sharp-witted thing that it DIDN’T do, probably add a question mark at the end just to make people abandon the idea of even trying to understand it and you’re ready to go. But please try not to success, because it’s so uncool.

And how do these hipsters have anything to talk about anyway? They post a photo of everything they do on Instagram? Why is it so damn important to know what type of socks you choose to wear today? And why does your iPhone have to make the photo look like it was taken in the 19th century?

This is funny too. When you go to a hipster clothing store you don’t know if you’re on the man’s or in the woman’s side. All of those overprized clothes look exactly the same and are so loose that you’re starting to think somebody actually made the t-shirt out of an umbrella. True story.

And the best part of this is that I ‘cannot even make any hipsters mad at me, because they won’t admit that they’re hipsters at the first place!


Just trying to catch the idea of a true hipster!

(And I hope you see the good amount of irony in this post, because otherwise I totally failed as a hipster.)


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