Summer I miss you

(Photos by my dear friend Nelly Tatti)

Let me introduce myself. I’m a musician, stylist, event host, make-up artist and graphic designer. It’s hard for me to really put myself in a category since I’m always willing to try new things and find myself doing something new every week.  I work as a freelancer artist in Finland, North Europe. I live my life in my own way and love every bit of it. My blog is about my life and my thoughts, my music, the arts and the work.

Putting up a blog has been my dream for a long time. It has taken some brainwork to get it out there – mostly due to my own personal standards. Being blessed to live in the year 2012 means also that I’m capable to write a blog for the artistic, soulful and beautiful people in world who also love life as I do. I’m also very sarcastic what comes to stereotypes, so don’t get offended by anything I say because I’m only joking.

As a real person I’m an open-minded individual. I respect each and every one who I meet and hate when people (or animals) get mistreated. In my life I stand strong against racism and all kind of bullying. The blog’s name “Oh yes she’s a bitch but not your’s” is my motto and leads to those preceeding thoughts. We should always stay truthful to ourselves and never ever let anybody take our pride.

Let’s make it hell of a ride.


(Photo by Juho Rinne)

Welcome to my life,




38 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Mari for following my blog. & I appreciate your feed back on a very emotional post. You seem totally awesome & I like what you post so far. Use the force to keep writing & being you.

    Sincerely, Lamberta

  2. Thanks for the follow and kind comments, I love your posts too! very interesting and definitely worth a follow :D
    Keep in contact, and I’m interested to see where else you take your work :)

  3. Nice meeting you, Mari. I see you’re from Finland, hope we could meet when I do my European travel one day, hehe

    In teh meantine, take care, enjoy your holidays, and many blessings and much love to you.. :-)

    Subhan Zein

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