Music video Outsiders part. 4, the dance groups

I’m still totally speechless about the dancers who put their own time and effort to spend the day with us in Kaapelitehdas! They heard the song first time on the set and did a brilliant job with it! I want you to see some photos of the groups we had the pleasure to work with!



This is Nyky+ edistyneet from Nurmijärvi Dance Academy. I mean JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!! They were all super professionals from head to toe, I loved how they all had a different style to dance and they were all so good! They also did their styling by themselves which is super cool <3

Näyttökuva 2018-04-05 kello 23.59.03


There just can’t be anything cuter than this group! They had such a great team spirit through the whole day and I’m sure these stars will go far with their dancing! They also put up a huge effort to look like the coolest girl gang, I respect that so much Nyky 8-9+ from Nurmijärvi Dance Academy! <3



This is Ella and Katju who dance a lot together and make kick ass dance videos for Instagram! I’m amazed every time I see their routines because they work flawlessly together. I’m super honored to have them on the Outsiders music video rocking that dancehall queenstyle! <3



These two cuties did an amazing ballet duet together which can be seen on the video. (These photos are from the runway because our photographer had go pick up some things during their perform) Reetta and Elli made such an elegant routine for a party song which definitely is not an easy task! I respect that so much!

Next post is coming in a few days! In the meantime follow our Instagram, Facebook & Youtube accounts if you’re into seeing more of our Outsiders family! Thank you for dropping by!




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