Music video Outsiders part 3. graffiti and scissor doors car

Add Outsiders to your playlist! <3

I've always loved street art and I actually just visited London where I went to see the famous Banksy's Leake Street graffiti tunnel. We definitely  wanted to get a graffiti piece to show in Outsiders music video and soon found a perfect guy for the job.


Mikko Björk is a Finnish urban culture artist. He’s super talented in all kind of visual work such as graphic designing and painting. He’s also one of the Saiffa dance school owners and makes music too. You could say that he knows the culture inside out and has taught me so much during this project.

Mikko designed the graffiti and painted it in size 5m x 2m. I’ve got to say that when I saw the result my eyes just dropped. It’s amazing. Huge and amazing. Seeing your song name covering the whole wall… is something else.

Outsiders Mikko 05
(Photo by Juho Rinne)

So I’m from the east side of Helsinki, from a place where there is a lot of crimes, gangs and stuff. I knew I wanted to get a car for the shoot, but a new car wouldn’t do. It needed to be rad, have some soul in it, a proper gangsta car. I don’t know anything about cars, but I luckily know someone who does. My long time friend Boris Rimpilä has a long history in building cars and he have made this amazing white 1989-Nissan-300zx-z31. It looks amazing on the video with scissor doors and everything! The whole team fell in love with the car and it’s easy to see why!

(Photo by Boris Rimpilä)

In the next posts I’m going to show you who are the super talented dancers we got to our video! It’s going to be a full on party series from now on!

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