Music video Outsiders part. 1. the video team & venues

I knew I wanted to put up a big party for the music video and I already had cinematographer/photographer Juho Rinne working with me.  Juho is also the guitarist of OHYESSHESABITCHBUTNOTYOURS and very imaginative person.  On the shoot he was taking photos and after the shoot he’s been in doing the video’s editing and color crading.

It’s not always sure if Juho Rinne is shouting or yawning

My friend introduced me to Juuso Lukkari who ended up producing the video for Outsiders. Juuso immediately became our partner in crime, he shared the same experimental mindset and brought tons of great ideas on board. Juuso found a good amount of reference videos for the lightning, set-up and overall atmosphere. He also made sure that safety was always our first priority and managed to keep everyone updated at all times too. Juuso can be seen on all of our white car photos wearing a red bomber jacket (he makes such a good model too, doesn’t he?)

Juuso Lukkari rocking the hell out of that car

We needed to find the right person to do the directing and lightning and had a loose script when we started to look for one. I’ve been lucky to get to know great people in the media industry, so Mara Jelinko from Outline Studios messaged me and we chose him to shoot the video. Mara has a long history with all sorts of music videos, documentaries and movies and he also teaches these things in his second home country Hungary. If you need a full on professional to shoot something you should check out the Outlines Studios on Vimeo

Mara Jelinko doing his magic

With Mara we got amazing Turkka Tervonen to assist with the lightning and shooting. I’ve got to give Turkka too a big thank you for being in such a positive vibe through the whole day! He seemed to have prepared for anything and on top of that, shared his knowledge with others unconditionally.

Turkka Tervonen and set decorator Meri Kuikka

We started to plan the video, edited the story a few times and looked up for the perfect venue. My family never had too much money, so  I wanted to go full on rusty, industrial and concrete look for my debut video. To me it’s about the people who make a good party and you don’t really need much else for a great night out. We found this amazing venue called Pannuhalli Basement in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki. I knew immediately it’s going to get the video to a totally new level and we wouldn’t even need to do much with the space.

We also had two backstage areas with wide mirrors, showers, lockers and toilets, as well as space for the catering area. We knew it was going to be a lot of us in the shoot and I wanted to make sure all the people get to eat and drink throughout the day, so having a proper backstage was a really good thing. Two amazing women who put up two warm vegan meals, sandwiches, candy, potato chips and coffee and tea servings.

A super stylish dance group having a break

I got this idea about a dance party with set up a little bit like in the ball clubs of New York. I watched the document Paris is Burning (1991) some years ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. The idea of a place where anyone could go, dress up in the way they want, dance without the fear of getting judged and get surrounded by like-minded people is just what the world needs. I want to show that it doesn’t matter if your black or white, straight or gay, curvy or slim – you’re perfect and unique and world should do everything to let you shine!


Our team grabbed the party idea and did an amazing job with the script. The plan was to shoot the dancing parts on the first day in Kaapelitehdas and use a second shoot day for more documentary looking scenes all around Suvilahti, Merihaka and Sörnäinen. We were thrilled to have a lot of amazing dancers in the scene as well as group of unique looking people to play the audience.

In the next posts I will tell you for example who we’re the people behind the styling, make up and set decorating and how did everything happen! I can’t wait to also introduce you to the fabulous dancers and dance groups!

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