Starting the biggest journey of my life.

It’s been a few years since I’ve laid my hands on this blogging thing. I basically just emptied all of the earlier posts to start fresh. Made the same thing to my Instagram (and I’ve got to admit it feels amazing!) It’s the time to let the music speak and I need to write some words down about that now.

It took 6 years until I felt we have produced the final form and sound for OHYESSHESABITCHBUTNOTYOURS. I haven’t been doing much else besides music in the past years and spent much more time in the studio than at home. We are going to publish my debut single on May 1st and I am super thrilled and happy we are at this place now.


I have been putting up songs forever, starting from the age of 7. Most of them makes no sense, I like to mess around with random song ideas. Every now and then a song comes to me and makes me want to help it’s way to the world. I don’t really feel that I “make” songs. It feels like the songs find me, they wake me up in the night or then make me jump out from a bus way too early. There’s no way I can let a good song go away. Sometimes there’s songs that I know someone else can love even more than me. In these cases I tell the song “good luck, I hope you find your human”.

I only work with songs I have a deep connection with. Not in every case I particularly “like” the song (sometimes the story scares the hell out of me), but you know when the song steals your heart. Right now I am working with about 30 songs, but only some of them are my future releases. You never know what will happen, ’cause future keeps changing and new songs are coming in all the time. It’s about which one wants it the most, same as in life itself.

In the upcoming posts I will write all about our first music video shooting and the team behind it! We had an amazing group of talents on board that have given me so much inspiration lately. So much actually I wrote a song about it.

Comment below if you want to read more about music making or if there’s some other subjects you would enjoy reading. Follow our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to stay fully updated, there will be different content in all of them. Outsiders will be on Spotify May 1st 00:00 and here’s a link for you to automatically add Outsiders to your musical library when it drops

Thank you so much for giving a thought to my musical journey, I wish you a great week!




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