The One and Only – Madcraft

Some of you might know, that my fiance plays in a pop punk band called Madcraft. So as they are going through some very big things at the moment I thought it would be a great time to open up this subject just a little bit more.

I got to know Juho when I went to see my friend’s band to Liberté, Helsinki, roughly about 2,5 years ago. I had to wait until my friend would have collected his musical items, so I ended up watching Madcraft’s show too. I had made a promise to myself that I would never fall to anybody again. Such a stupid thing to pop out at this point, don’t you think? Anyway, as I sat there and looked to the stage I saw the person, who I would eventually fall head over heels in… But lets talk about that sometime later.

© Madcraft

© Madcraft

The band, huh. I came from a totally different musical scene, metal, goth, dark electro and such, I had never seen anybody be so HAPPY ON STAGE! They jumped around in the most silliest ways, ran to the audience while spinning their wireless guitar equipments and most of all, seemed to be the tightest group of best friends, who just randomly ended up as a band. And I’ve got to admit, the first 10 minutes I thought they must be joking! But soon I came to the conclusion that this really has something special going on.

This is my favorite song. (Their channel is filled with other music videos too!)

And it doesn’t end to the music. They keep finding new ways to create themselves. They are marketing pro’s, video makers, graphic designers, producers and of course great songwriters. Or as Juho would put it “an advertising agency that plays gigs”. It’s a great fun to watch them growing.

But of course they’re not there alone. The whole Madcraft thing is about making people happy and so they have tons of listeners around the world, who they respect deeply.

© Team Madcraft

© Team Madcraft

They play alot of gigs and keep themselves busy with all kinds of productions, such as funny video blogs and drum covers by their highly talented drummer, Otto.

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Right now they’re participating in the UMK 14. The winner is going to be the one, who represents Finland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This clip is from the semifinals. (viewable in all countries)

Madcraft: Shining Bright (Live 18.01.2014 from Peacock, Helsinki)

I think it’s good to spice it up a little! The voting started already, and it’ll continue until 10:3pm (Finnish time) today. You can also vote from other countries too!

Voting for Madcraft

Voting for Madcraft

Finnish people, just text 1 to 17224 and you’re done! :)

I’m heading to the Peacock theater shortly after this, ’cause we’ll know the result in 4 hours!

with all my love,



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