We went to IKEA today to look for a new computer table for our bedroom. Now when we have two computers it’s getting harder to find the places for them. I would love to have all the electronical stuff somewhere hidden, but of course that doesn’t work out in our small apartment. I decided the table we now have for the bedroom computer must turn to our new kitchen table, and that we must get a tiny table that doesn’t take all the space from the bedroom.

The old Ikea table, soon to be our kitchen table.

This is the old Ikea table, soon to be our kitchen table.


The new table

The new table.


I will take some photos of our bedroom once I get in ready. Somehow it just seems to take ages… I’ve talked about this like hundreds of times but I should paint our walls. Or not that I’m doing it alone, no. Somehow I’ve managed to get some great family members that are willing to help me out!

Today I’m about to go to see Juho’s gig in Nosturi, Helsinki and I should propably get going now. Just wanted to make this quick post about the tables and keep you updated.




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