Just Another Saturday Night

Me + my favourite socks!

Me + my favourite socks!

Well, normally we tend to relese a new cover song every weekend, but since Juho is still in England we weren’t able to make it this week. But if you have some songs in mind you can always comment below. I’m always up for new ideas! My YouTube link can be found from the top of this page in case you want to watch some of our old cover videos. :)

I’ve been cleaning up in our home today, but it still looks like a mess. I’d need a helper with great organizing skills. I basically have almost all of my clothes on the floor of our bedroom, because I bought two of those wire basket-things… hard to explane, here’s the link http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S19903749/ And apparently my clothes aren’t willing to walk into those baskets by themselves! I’m always like this, I get a great idea and I need to buy the stuff immediately, but the actual putting up process may take awhile. I wonder if it’s just me or do someone else have problems like this. I also have some shelfs around our apartment that haven’t found their places yet. It has been over a year when we moved in. Like seriously!

One of my best friends is coming over to watch some films and eat pizza. Good times. :) Some other girls might go out to party, but we just enjoy staying inside today.

Something what a wise man once said.

Something a wise man once said.

Have an awesome weekend you guys!




12 thoughts on “Just Another Saturday Night

  1. Well those socks are not only colorful but they sure look warm as well!
    I too have been known to go as far as buying the stuff to help me get organized, I just seem to have a hard time actually following through with the next step and really organizing anything.
    Oh well.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Mari!

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