Madcraft going to the UK [Friday! Catch Up]

My boyfriend and his band are playing some shows in the UK this weekend, so yesterday I went to the airport to say bye byes and take some photos.

I miss him.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

This is their drummer trying to make some serious decisions.

Also the singer, Tom, seems to have some problems…

At this point I was sure that the plane crashes down, so Juho tried to calm me down before they had to go.

An important piece of art.

I wonder if the UK’s ready…


Check out their latest music video if you want!

It’s actually pretty hard to be without him, ’cause normally we do everything together. It’s like half of me got just ripped off.

Oh well.


Enjoy your Friday!




13 thoughts on “Madcraft going to the UK [Friday! Catch Up]

    • Isn’t it? They are so talented, all of them. The band actually makes all of their videos by themselves. Juho does the video editing and I’m so amazed of the fact how easy it looks like. :D

      And I noticed you made me your Friday’s Pick! I’m so very happy to get your support. :) How can I ever thank you enough?


    • They are happy and honest. Something else than most bands around here. :) I couldn’t be more happy for them!
      I don’t really consider myself as a photographer, even I was studying it a little under my graphic design studies… I’m more of a pencil and paper-type of girl. Photographers use alot of technical stuff while they create. Juho is so good at it that he wants to take most of the pictures to my blog. :) How have you been doing over there btw? Oh I have to check out you christmas gift posts!


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