5 Ways to Get a Girlfriend

I wrote this simply because so many of my friends struggle with this subject. Here we go!


  1. Do not over compliment her. Girls don’t like it when guys keep reminding how perfect they look 100% of the time. Soon it starts to feel like a lie and that you don’t have anything else to talk about but her looks.
  2. Do not over compliment yourself, because the girls  just don’t need you to tell them you look good. They know it already. So either you’re having a self-esteem problem  or you’re just a dumbass.
  3. Don’t be scared to show that you like her. You’re supposed to be the one to make the first move. Most of the girls get bored very easily so don’t waste your precious time by talking about your holiday plans.
  4. Do not, ever, ask a girl if she needs a drink. That will only make her feel that she ows you something and that will scare her away. If a girl is in a bar she most likely can afford her own drinks.
  5. Don’t over use any fragrances. It’s one of the most annoying things in the world to sit next to someone who you could actually smell from another building.






14 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get a Girlfriend

  1. That was a fun read! It seems that these days men aren’t so keen to be making the first step first anymore. Maybe we’ve miseducated them over the years – lol. On a more serious note- I guess it is about finding Mr. Right or your perfect match – and that may happen only once in your life (and which would also make all the other ‘options’ superfluous)…

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