I’ve had a blast during this weekend! On Saturday we went to see my producer from MoonTv. What’s happening is that my new MUSIC show starts at the end of the next summer! So I have plenty of time to plan it over and out! I will also continue doing those Special Shows, which basically means I go to a festival (or some other kind of happening), do a couple of interviews with the bands, organizers ect. and ask visitors did they have fun and whatnot. All done in the MoonTv style – we always try to find the most drunken ones.

After that we went to my friend’s birthday party. It was insanely funny too! People started to play a drinking game, nobody knew the rules so we end up drinking randomly = all the time. I gave my friend a wooden owl, bought from Urban Outfitters in Oxford Circus, London. She laughed at it, but I guess it was a well picked gift anyway. (Hippie, wooden stuff, an owl because she happens to like them. Hippies like wooden stuff!)

After that we left to the rehearsal place and actually recorded the song in the middle of the night! I thought it would take two hours, but it took like 200, since we were both so tired after that long day. I’m hopeful we’ll end up releasing the video later today. Now when I said that, it has to be done.




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