My Own Facebook Page!

Oh what a day. I just put up a facebook page for this blog and it’s rolling smoothly. I must say I’m forever grateful for my friends wanting to keep themselves updated what’s happening in here. It’s once again a huge privilege to know so many supportive and awesome individuals as you are. To anyone who wants to take part, you can find the Facebook Like-link just below my Gravatar-picture on the right. : )

Tomorrow we’re going to record a new cover song video so make sure you won’t miss it! It’s going to be a total opposite to the Avril Lavigne song we played last time. I’m full of excitement because of this particular song, since it shows you a style you won’t hear a girl sing too often. Girls can also be rough, can’t they? ; ) It will be published either on this Sunday or Monday.

Tomorrow I’m also going to meet my producer from the MoonTv where I’ve been hosting internet tv shows a bit over two years now. We’re starting to put up a totally new show and that’s also something to be excited about! I’ll keep you guys updated.

Today I’ve been also dreaming about my next christmas calendar. There’s so many of them, how can a person deside which on is the right one! Last christmas I had two and both of them I kinda killed with our oven. Yep, I had them both laying on our stove. The next thing I know is that I have a lot of melted chocolate all over it. The oven’s warmth made them melt… Not gonna do that mistake again, haha. Here’s a photo of the other one. (And yes I ate all of the chocolate immediately)


Btw talking about winter, here’s an amazing photo Juho took from our balcony last year. I love that view. :)


Can’t wait to get back to you with all the new stuff!

Love ya,



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