LONDON 2012 part 2


There’s still so many photos from London I have to show you. So here we go! Those are my morning cupcakes. I planned to eat all of them at once, but those amounts of sugar were too much even to me. So Juho had to help me a bit.


And here’s the harbour near to where we stayed, very close to that Tower Bridge too. It was pretty awesome that place, called St. Katharine Docks. Lots of good restaurants around and beautiful old atmosphere!


I just love macarons. There was this cutest stand in one marketplace at Camden Town. Somehow Juho managed to tell me we don’t need any more macarons so I didn’t buy even one. What a pity…


This is from that famous Ripley’s Believe It Or Not- museum, which takes place in Piccadilly Circus. I basically screamed like a million times but I survived..


Of course I got hungry because all of the screaming, so we went to this great Chinese restaurant also in Piccadilly Circus. I could tell you the name, but then I would have to kill you. Just beware of those chilis that look like paprikas.


Just a random photo of Juho in some random bar somewere in London. But itsn’t he cute?


My co-worker suggested this place when I asked where’s the best breakfasts in London. It turned out to be pretty awesome place! Got the best morning coffee EVER, the best orange juice EVER and some frikking amazing vegeterian tortillas… <3



Juho’s food! (While you’re in England you kinda have to try these things, they say..)


This is how they decorated the place! I’m not much of a yellow fan myself, but I’ve got to admit that those walls made me smile big time.


Couldn’t agree more.

In The Breakfast Club we also tried to ask about the good rock rock bars in London. They told us we should go to a Roadhouse.


Ok so this was taken in Roadhouse, which seemed like a decent bar so we stayed there and watched their cover band playing. It wasn’t exactly what I expected from a rock bar, they played way too much Oasis and somehow I also managed to be the only tattooed person in there, but oh well..  I don’t know what I was doing, or how I was capable to make those faces but once Juho showed me this photo…


…I almost died laughing!


SUPERDRY I found you from London. The ones who don’t know what Superdry is go to Google and type it. It’s like not knowing which is your right hand.


Our new t-shirts. We also took part to Vogue’s Fashion Week in London and Superdry put up a great party that night.


Okay this was it this time. Show me the love and follow my blog! I’ll do the same back. :)

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Love you guys,



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