Madcraft going to the UK [Friday! Catch Up]

My boyfriend and his band are playing some shows in the UK this weekend, so yesterday I went to the airport to say bye byes and take some photos.

I miss him.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

This is their drummer trying to make some serious decisions.

Also the singer, Tom, seems to have some problems…

At this point I was sure that the plane crashes down, so Juho tried to calm me down before they had to go.

An important piece of art.

I wonder if the UK’s ready…


Check out their latest music video if you want!

It’s actually pretty hard to be without him, ’cause normally we do everything together. It’s like half of me got just ripped off.

Oh well.


Enjoy your Friday!




5 Ways To Spend One Minute

This is an important post to myself, because sometimes I feel that time just goes by and I can’t get anything done. It’s good to remind myself that the world can be changed in only one minute. These are all things I try to do everyday. I hope you’ll also find some tips from here! And share the love if you feel like it!

1. Relax. Breathe slowly and fill your lungs with fresh air. Imagine yourself wiping every part of your body away, one by one. Start from your toes and move forward to your upper body. This is easier if you can lie down. Relaxing also makes you concentrate to every task you’re about to do during the day.

2. Smile. Stand in front of your mirror and just smile as much as you can. There are so many studies about smiling, of how it makes you really feel better even if it was a fake one. Try it out and you’ll notice it’s not going to be a fake smile for long. Plus you look better.

3. Call the person you love the most and tell her/him that. Nobody is too busy to hear that.  You can never know what’s going to happen later that day, so don’t you ever forget to cherish your loved ones.

4. Dream. Imagine your biggest dream happening and see it through your eyes. Add all the colors, the smells and the sounds to this dream. Think about how it would make you feel if you could achieve it. While dreaming your brain starts to work for making these dreams into reality. Believe it or not.

5. Tighten your abs. Strain each and every one of your ab muscles and then release when you can’t keep the position any longer. By doing this everyday you’re going to get your middle section toned up and it’s not even gonna take long to notice it.


Remember to love!


(Photo by my love, Juho Rinne)

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Fashion Goddess [Wednesday Inspirations]

ann demeulemeester

To me one of the most sensational fashion designers has to be Ann Demeulemeester. She was born in Belgium in 1959 and became an important part of an avant-garde movement called Antwerp-Six, a group of young Belgian designers who left to London to showcase their collections. Their clothing lines captured many styles the fashion world in those days wasn’t yet familiar with. Only a year after she graduated Ann also got the Gouden Spoel award which is given to the most promising young fashion designer of the year.
Her first collection was shown in one of the art galleries in Paris and her newest collections are still mainly showcased at the Paris Fashion Week every year.


ann_1988-1989ann_1989-1990(Loved the atmosphere of these photos!)

I find Ann’s work very interesting in many ways. First of all she never copies herself again. She’s a hard-working woman in a world where it isn’t always so easy to renew yourself. She lives and breathes designing. The way she mixtures the materials and makes the details is just outstanding. Ann Demeulemeester has said that she doesn’t design for men and women, she designs for people. Now try to keep breathing while watching her amazing work throughout these years.



















She has set the standards and she’s still on the top. Keep on rockin’ girl!

Have an inspirational Wednesday,


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About Following Trends [Just Thinking Tuesday]

I was a sales person in one of the biggest clothing companies and it totally made me think about the human mind. Especially about those adults who would come to me just to make sure that the dress they’re going to buy is a trendy one. I would have loved to tell them how it just doesn’t matter as long as they liked the piece. But the thing is, people seem to need some kind of approval from others.


I’ve always been somebody who doesn’t think it’s much of a big deal if my trousers are from the last year’s season. Nor that they would even have to look like trousers at the first place. It doesn’t matter. If I really would like to impress somebody, I would pick the pieces people haven’t seen yet, and those are not the clothes you would see on the newest collections of some big selling companies. I think that copying your style from the opening page of Cosmopolitan doesn’t make you much of a trendy person. It actually makes you look like you don’t have any knowledge of style what so ever and that you just follow the rules somebody made ready for your kind of people.

A group of people basically decides what’s in and what’s not. Because of them the ”Moonboots” were suddenly fabulous and the stores accidentally stopped selling boot cut jeans.  Suddenly the youngsters stopped wearing trousers at all, because tights were just about enough. Who saw that one coming? I didn’t.

Not that we wouldn’t need any rules or guidelines. It’s good that in the winter I can buy a new jacket which doesn’t look exactly the same as the one I wore last year. My problem is that there are so many others who also wear the same kind of jacket because somebody somewhere happened to decide that it’s this year’s trend. I have to buy it because it’s the only warm one there is. And kind of likeable.

And it’s funny, that it doesn’t even seem to matter if those clothes don’t fit to a person’s body type. It’s not so nice to stand next to a big girl who squeezed herself to the smallest dress size and now she’s letting everybody see what type of underwear she’s wearing. All because ”my skirt cannot be longer than this, cause it would be outdated. And no, you’re not supposed to wear tights this summer…”

Of course I won’t tell that to her. And in other kind of clothes she would be stunning. Now she’s definitely looking for a trouble if she plans to walk home alone.

oh yes shes a bitch but not yours

I’m gonna continue with this same subject later on. Comment below if you wanna share your thoughts!




(Photos by Juho Rinne)

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe [Cover Of the Week]

Hey guys! This idea came from a friend of mine, who was actually joking about this song and said it would be funny if it would be our next cover. Of course I immediately grabbed the idea and started to work on this.

This kind of pop is quite far from the music I usually do and I thought it could be a nice experience at least. It’s also exciting to see how does a pop song turn to an acoustic version, since there’s normally so much going on. It was quite late to shoot so we went to a skateboard park instead. It was insanely cold out there by the way.

I’d be thrilled to hear what you think of this one!

Have an excellent Monday!