The One and Only – Madcraft

Some of you might know, that my fiance plays in a pop punk band called Madcraft. So as they are going through some very big things at the moment I thought it would be a great time to open up this subject just a little bit more.

I got to know Juho when I went to see my friend’s band to Liberté, Helsinki, roughly about 2,5 years ago. I had to wait until my friend would have collected his musical items, so I ended up watching Madcraft’s show too. I had made a promise to myself that I would never fall to anybody again. Such a stupid thing to pop out at this point, don’t you think? Anyway, as I sat there and looked to the stage I saw the person, who I would eventually fall head over heels in… But lets talk about that sometime later.

© Madcraft

© Madcraft

The band, huh. I came from a totally different musical scene, metal, goth, dark electro and such, I had never seen anybody be so HAPPY ON STAGE! They jumped around in the most silliest ways, ran to the audience while spinning their wireless guitar equipments and most of all, seemed to be the tightest group of best friends, who just randomly ended up as a band. And I’ve got to admit, the first 10 minutes I thought they must be joking! But soon I came to the conclusion that this really has something special going on.

This is my favorite song. (Their channel is filled with other music videos too!)

And it doesn’t end to the music. They keep finding new ways to create themselves. They are marketing pro’s, video makers, graphic designers, producers and of course great songwriters. Or as Juho would put it “an advertising agency that plays gigs”. It’s a great fun to watch them growing.

But of course they’re not there alone. The whole Madcraft thing is about making people happy and so they have tons of listeners around the world, who they respect deeply.

© Team Madcraft

© Team Madcraft

They play alot of gigs and keep themselves busy with all kinds of productions, such as funny video blogs and drum covers by their highly talented drummer, Otto.

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Madcraft touring in UK in 2012

Right now they’re participating in the UMK 14. The winner is going to be the one, who represents Finland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This clip is from the semifinals. (viewable in all countries)

Madcraft: Shining Bright (Live 18.01.2014 from Peacock, Helsinki)

I think it’s good to spice it up a little! The voting started already, and it’ll continue until 10:3pm (Finnish time) today. You can also vote from other countries too!

Voting for Madcraft

Voting for Madcraft

Finnish people, just text 1 to 17224 and you’re done! :)

I’m heading to the Peacock theater shortly after this, ’cause we’ll know the result in 4 hours!

with all my love,



Today I’m gonna dance until my feet won’t carry me anymore and this is the only option for my Friday song!

I have an awesome friend who I’m gonna take to see some great shows today. My boyfriend’s band (Madcraft) is warming up for Bam Margera’s “BAM MARGERA IS FUCKFACE UNSTOPPABLE”-gig in Virgin Oil, Helsinki. Dancing through the whole night is a great option don’t you think?




Hands down this is the BEST thing today!

Amazing Fruit Art [Wednesday Inspirations]

One thing that has inspired me a lot lately is fruit art. It makes me really happy that people turn something so ordinary into beautiful, beautiful art. I’m privileged to know lots of people who are into these art forms, and so my facebook page fills up of these photos almost every other day. We all remember the time when our lunch oranges accidentally ended up having some poorly scribbled faces and that it was so funny to draw things into banana’s shell, that when you were finished, you didn’t want to peel it anymore.

These works are made by the real fruit artist of Villafane Studios, who I totally adore. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

(I swear to God if I’d ever try to even sculpture a banana out of banana, I’d propably throw it out of a window within seconds…)

Villafane Studios

Villafane Studios

Villafane Studios

The Artist himself / Villafane Studios

Fruit Art


More interesting stuff at


So do you also think these guys rock?



Back In The Business


Oh how good it feels to be back posting! I’ve been going through so many changes in my life it’s almost scary!

Autumn campaign

I’m gonna start by telling you about my new job. I know I’ve already opened this subject in some earlier posts,  but mostly about my training and such.

So I wanted to have something that you call a day job, right. Since I was doing some styling to there, some graphics to there, hosting to there for years, got me to a situation where I wasn’t really happy. It’s a funny thing, how you’re doing the things you love, fully, with your whole heart, but still you feel you’re not satisfied. Finland is a tiny little country with only a handful of people needing these type of workers, that I noticed I would have had to either start doing something totally opposite to my style of art or start to really market myself to other countries or so. And I didn’t like either of them. I need so much time for my own personal enjoyment in life, that having to use my 24/7 for new projects is just not an option. And after all, I know, that if I would have kept doing that for ages, I’d still most likely feel unhappy. For me the art kind of loses it’s purpose when it’s considered as a job. This is really hard to explain – hopefully someone caught the idea.

Workin process

I applied to the coolest clothing company I knew and got employed as a visual merchandiser! To be honest with you I couldn’t believe I got so privileged. Certainly I had experience in styling and visuals, but the store outlooks were totally new thing to me. And it turned out to be the best job in the world. As I did before, I make my own work days and decide when I do things – and also that there’s deadlines to follow. But everyday I work with different styles, different campaigns, changing tools and trends. I’ve faced challenges which makes my work interesting – which I’ve really missed. I appreciate the fact that I’m allowed to be exactly who I am and style the store in the way I think looks good.

Party wall

Jeans wall

This is it this time. I’m grateful for having you all still here.






We went to IKEA today to look for a new computer table for our bedroom. Now when we have two computers it’s getting harder to find the places for them. I would love to have all the electronical stuff somewhere hidden, but of course that doesn’t work out in our small apartment. I decided the table we now have for the bedroom computer must turn to our new kitchen table, and that we must get a tiny table that doesn’t take all the space from the bedroom.

The old Ikea table, soon to be our kitchen table.

This is the old Ikea table, soon to be our kitchen table.

The new table

The new table.

I will take some photos of our bedroom once I get in ready. Somehow it just seems to take ages… I’ve talked about this like hundreds of times but I should paint our walls. Or not that I’m doing it alone, no. Somehow I’ve managed to get some great family members that are willing to help me out!

Today I’m about to go to see Juho’s gig in Nosturi, Helsinki and I should propably get going now. Just wanted to make this quick post about the tables and keep you updated.